Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small Success Thursday: Small Graces

This week I'm once again linking up with Catholic Mom to reflect & share three small successes from the past week.  Although this is only the second post of this series, I'm starting to realize that I don't spend enough time in reflection & thanking God for all of the small graces that occur in my everyday life.  I often find myself so bogged down by the hectic nature of my days that I don't fully appreciate all the beautiful little moments going on around me.  So, this week, my three small successes all center around small graces...

1) My religious ed students had to complete a worksheet about last Sunday's gospel, the parable of the judge & the widow.  At the bottom of the worksheet, they had a free space to write their own prayers to God.  One little boy wrote, "Dear God, I pray that my enemy will become my friend so that my life gets better."  Evidently my lesson seems to be sinking in.

2) I had the opportunity to attend a talk given by Fr. Thomas Rosica.  It was a blessing to be present & hear his message.  I will be posting more about this talk later, but one of the highlights was his recollection of World Youth Day 2002.  I was fortunate enough to be at the closing mass in Toronto with Blessed John Paul II.  It's been nice to think back on the beauty of that mass & remember the sending forth message given to all of us there.

3) I've decorated for fall...mostly...ok, so the fall decoration bin still hasn't been returned to the basement (does it still count, I think so!).  I did drag my feet on this one because I love summer so much & hate having to say goodbye for a long 8+ months.  I'm still not ready for the snow that is sure to come our way soon, but I will try to enjoy this fall season for what it is in & of itself.

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