Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Change is Coming!!

The last month or so has just gone by in a blur.  With all of the holiday activities, traveling to see family, visits with friends, Jesse's trip to NCYC...to say it's been chaotic is an understatement.  And as it usually happens, all these things happen at the same time as the crazy twists & turns life gives us.

The first big news in our household...

That's our youngest, Maddie, announcing that she is going to be a big sister.  We will be adding another set of little feet around July 4th, which is in between Bella (June 30) & Maddie's (July 14) birthdays.  I feel slightly guilty that they will have such close birth dates, but I hope we can develop some fun traditions in this two weeks timeframe.  Once I got over the initial surprise, I have been pleasantly excited with the news and am so excited we'll have another baby in the house!

With this announcement also comes a more serious effort to find a house.  We currently rent our home and although it has been a wonderful house, we are clearly outgrowing the space.  The girls all currently share the second floor room as a big bedroom/playroom.  We have only one tiny bathroom and (my biggest frustration) no dishwasher.  Although I offer up my dish washing time as prayer, I can only stand so much of it!  So, we are meeting with a friend who is a Realtor this week and will hopefully make some decisions about the next steps to make this happen.

The last (and very exciting) news isn't something that has happened...yet.  It has the potential to happen in the next few months.  I'm trying to exercise patience & not think about it too much, but late at night, I sometimes let myself think about it.  And it gets me really excited!  If it happens, this wonderful blessing would drastically change our lifestyle.  That's about all I can speak to for now, but I will ask that anyone reading please pray for this very special intention.