Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Cheer Exchange

This year, I decided to participate in the Christmas Cheer Exchange with a few other Mommy bloggers. Of course, since our move, I've been super behind on getting things posted & actually surprised myself that I was able to get the box out in time. Not surprisingly, I completely forgot to include any personal info when I sent it, so poor Rose had no idea the box was from me. Sorry about that!

Anyway, I have been looking forward to getting my little box in the mail. All I've received since we moved have been bills (including a fancy payment booklet for our monthly mortgage...can't wait to start paying that!) & offers of "Welcome to the neighborhood, please join our club..." So to get something other than that was a welcomed change!

So, when my box arrived, here's what it contained:

I loved the red nail polish & decided to use it right away! I don't paint my nails often enough, but always love how feminine & put-together I feel when I do. So, I'm having a hard time typing because I keep looking at how fancy my hands look!

I may or may not have eaten some of the dark chocolate & sea salt pretzels for breakfast this morning. Can I just say yum?! I'm also looking forward to trying out the gloves. They have special tips on the pointer & thumb to make them smart phone friendly. I have always wanted to try out this type of glove because I'm always on my phones (one for work, one for personal) & hate having to take off a glove to use them.

Special thanks Olivia at Snyders Tell All for all the goodies!