Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small Success Thursday: 1st Edition

I'm linking up with Catholic Mom this week to participate in their "Small Success Thursday" event.  I've had a particularly challenging week & today was one of those days that was just a struggle to get through.  So, while trying to unwind tonight, I perused my usual blog sites for inspiration.  I came across the Small Success post & thought it would be worth a shot.  Perhaps thinking through my blessings will help me feel more inspired.  Here goes nothing...

This week, I feel most blessed to have:

1) Taken Monday night to have a true-blue, honest-to-goodness family night.  After I got home from work, Jesse & I prepared dinner together, the girls set the table & we all sat around talking & laughing.  The tv stayed off & we went upstairs together with our girls.  Jesse & I took turns reading story after story.  It was enough to bring tears to my eyes.

2) Been able to share a hug with a dear friend & fellow mom.  She's having some frustrating times with her little boy.  As she told me about these issues, I could see her hurting, so I just reached out & gave her a hug.  She's always been supportive of me & I'm so glad I can return the favor.

3) Started cleaning off my hutch, which has accumulated an embarrassing amount of school papers, religious education papers, mail, bills, magazines, etc.  It's the first thing you see when you walk in my house (which only makes the problem worse).  Although it's not complete yet, I feel encouraged by the inroad I made the other night.  Now if I can only keep focused to complete the project & tackle the papers.

Well, I suppose I am feeling a bit better after having reviewed some of the highlights of my week.  I'm looking forward to linking up to this event in the future.  Hopefully this reflection will ease my anxieties about all the things I feel I can't accomplish due to a lack of time, money, effort, etc.  Have you been able to reflect on your blessings this week?  Please share below.

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