Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to a New Year!

Welcome to 2014!  I've spent the last two weeks relaxing with my family, enjoying the holiday, spending all day in my pjs, taking time away from work & all other nuisance distractions to just slow down & take in all the wonderful people around me.  I even read a book from cover to cover...shocking!  Having this down time reminded me that I'd like to enjoy a better balance in my life once the chaos of work/school/religious ed/etc resumes next week.  So although I'm not usually one to make resolutions, I'd like to post some of my goals/things I'm looking forward to in the coming year...

- The arrival of Baby #4!  This pregnancy has been slightly different from the other three, so I'm not sure if I should interpret that in any way, but I am anxious to meet the new little son/daughter that God has placed in our lives & hearts.

- Finding more time for reflection/prayer.  I have a wonderful book that provides daily reflections/activities & a weekly saint specific to Catholic Moms.  Plus, Jesse bought me a Chartres labyrinth for meditation & I always feel more calm when I routinely use it.

- Prenatal yoga.  This is the one form of routine exercise that I (try to) follow.  I'm sure it's shocking that I don't spend hours at the gym, but seriously, chasing three children is more than enough of a workout!  Plus, it's fun when Sophie & Bella get out their mats & mimic the poses!  And during pregnancy, I always appreciate the benefits of stretching my muscles & joints.

- House hunting - Ok, this isn't exactly something I'm totally looking forward to.  I know we need the space & I like the idea of going to look at houses to see if they would fit our needs.  What scares me is the immense amount of debt that we will be in once we have a mortgage.

That's a pretty ambitious list & is about all I think I can handle right now.  I'm always trying to be the best wife/mother I can be, but that's a daily task.  So, here's to the new year & all of the possibilities that it holds!

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